Cornwall is world renowned for bird watching due to its significant number of rarities that visit the area. Hayle Estuary in particular is a popular spot with twitchers, and with Sandbank being situated so close to the coast, there is always a wide variety of bird life to see.

Hayle Estuary is renowned among bird watchers for being such an interesting location. With its diverse range of bird visitors and rarities, it makes for an excellent place to spot something you perhaps will never have seen before.
year include curlew, turnstones, shellduck, teal, little grebe, oyster catcher and redshank. Kingfishers can occasionally be spotted and little egrets have become a common sight in recent years.Regular inhabitants at various times of the

Among our more rare visitors are black kite, Iceland and glaucous curlew, gulls, spoonbill, American wingeon, cattle egret,
white-billed diver and common crane aswell as a variety of sandpipers, gulls and terns.

The Cornwall Chough Project, run by the RSPB, Natural England and the National Trust, has been a huge success in reintroducing what is our Cornish emblem. The chough watch point at the Lizard usually has a warden on duty and they are always happy to provide visitors with all the project information and help you spot the resident breeding pair as they raise their young at the nearby protected nesting site.

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